How Do Ringless Voicemail Drops Work?
How It Works Ringless Voicemail Drops

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

Instantly send your voicemail message to thousands of recipients without ever ringing their phones!

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How To Create A Ringless Voicemail Campaign

1. Record Your Message

Upload Your Voice Message

2. Upload Your List

Import Your Contact List

3. Start Your Campaign

It's Really That Simple!

Features Of Our Platform

True Ringless Technology™

Our proprietary True Ringless Technology™ utilizes a server-to-server connection to directly engage with the mobile phone service providers' voicemail systems. This technology allows us to truly deliver voicemail messages without ringing a recipient's mobile phone. Simply put, True Ringless Technology™ completely bypasses a recipient's mobile phone and connects directly with their voicemail box. This technology maintains a successful delivery rate of over 95%.

In contrast, many of our competitors utilize a "pinging" method to deliver their voicemail messages. "Pinging" is a process where two phone calls are placed simultaneously: One call rings the recipient's mobile phone while the second call is routed to their voicemail. Although a voicemail message is delivered using this method, the recipient's phone rings for a very brief period (this is a "ping"). Because this method of delivery is not truly ringless and does not connect through a mobile phone service provider's voicemail server, the delivery rates are often under 50% (although they are claimed to be higher) due to inherient flaws and limitations. If you have previously utilized a competitor's platform, you might already be familiar with the drawbacks associated with this delivery method.

Caller ID Guard

Your Caller ID is automatically guarded with our platform! Our system will automatically generate a local phone number based on the area code of the phone number you are calling. When a recipient calls the generated phone number, it will connect with a phone number of your choice. Alternatively, you have the option to display your own caller ID.

Blacklist Firewall

Updated on a daily basis, our Blacklist Firewall scrubs your list in real-time against potentially problematic recipients. Currently, our blacklist contains over 5 million records! Additionally, you can utilize your own blacklists.

Detailed Analytical Reporting

Utilize our detailed analytics to optimize your ringless voicemail campaigns! Our analytical reports are easy to understand and provide valuable data that can be implemented in your campaigns.

Web-Based Platform

Our web-based ringless voicemail platform allows you to create and access your campaigns from anywhere in the world!

Superior Delivery Rate

As previously mentioned, our True Ringless Technology™ maintains a successful delivery rate of over 95%. Additionaly, our platform allows you to send over 150,000 messages per hour which is a significantly higher rate as compared to some of our competitors.

Only Pay For Successfully Delivered Messages

With our platform, you are only charged for successfully delivered voicemail messages!

No Credit Card Required

You can try our ringless voicemail platform for FREE! Simply create an account, and we will gift you with 50 credits. When you are ready to purchase additional credits, you can pay using Paypal, Bitcoin, bank wire, or credit card if you prefer.

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